Spring Motorcycle Service – Getting Ready for the Riding Season

motorcycle spring service checkup

Warmer weather is coming, are you ready to scratch that riding itch you’ve had all winter? Let’s go over some basic spring motorcycle maintenance items before you go on your first ride of the season. Make sure your battery survived the winter storage season. Is it charged up and ready to go? Most riders put […]

The Joys of Your First Bike

youth and adult dirt bike riders fist bump in front of grassy pond

Every holiday season I am reminded of when I got my first dirt bike. It all started when I saw pictures of my Dad when he was racing dirt and flat track. He looked so cool in some of the 10mm films I would see of him riding, getting air and making some amazing passes […]

Stacyc Electric Bikes: The best kid’s electric bike

Kids racing over ramps on Stacyc electric bicycles

Stacyc Electric Bikes We are very excited to introduce an awesome new product here at Sprocketz, the Stacyc Electric Bike. They are the perfect mix of a dirt bike and bicycle without the need of pedals, gas, or oil. These electrically powered balance bikes are designed to be used without training wheels. Because kids start […]