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Dirt bike and Motocross Tires

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Dirt motorcycle tires

Regardless of your conditions or what kind of dirt bike you ride, Richmond Honda House is your source for dirtbike tires. We have your favorite brands in stock like Pirelli, Dunlop, and Michelin. Plus, with our price match guarantee you’ll never have to pay too much. Call one of our tire specialist today and we can get you back out on the track or trail. Do not forget about the tube and rim strip! With a full compliment of standard and heavy-duty tubes we have got you covered.
There’s a lot more technology that goes into dirtbike tires than people realize. Just like all tires, the rubber compound is the most significant. The three most common types are soft, mid-soft, and hard. Which dirt bike tire do you need? That depends on your riding conditions. The compound should match your terrain. So, if you’re going to be riding in muddy conditions you would want a soft tire. Mid-soft is ideal when you have a little of both, soft and hard terrain. And naturally hard tires should be reserved for harder surfaces like desert sand which puts a lot of abuse on knobby tires.
In Virginia it is uncommon to need a hard terrain tire so we would generally recommend a mid-soft or soft tire. Regardless of the compound, dirtbike tires are not designed to be used on asphalt and will wear extremely fast. If you find yourself on asphalt frequently you may want to consider a dual sport or enduro tires that are D.O.T. rated for asphalt.