Honda Hedge Trimmer Attachment (SSHH-S)

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Honda Hedge Trimmer Attachment (SSHH-S)

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Honda Hedge Trimmer Attachment (SSHH-S) - Details:

    Key Features
    • Ideal for cutting and shaping shrubs and hedges
    • VersAttach System – multitool flexibility
    • Pairs with both the UMC425 and UMC435 Powerheads
    • Converts your VersAttach Powerhead into a hedge trimmer: The hedge trimmer attachment makes your VersAttach powerhead into a heavy duty hedge trimmer suitable for both residential and commercial use.
    • Create perfect circular bushes and cornered hedges: Whether you’re shaping small bushes or taming tall hedges, the Versattach hedge trimmer attachment is right for the job. It includes an adjustable joint that pivots both left and right, to ensure comfort and maneuverability.
    • Tough, double sided blades: The hedge trimmer’s blades are double sided, making it easy to cut and sculpt by moving it left or right.
    • Multi-tool flexibility: VersAttach System: The hedge trimmer attachment is part of Honda’s exclusive VersAttach System. It is interchangeable with any of 5 other options: trimmer, edger, pruner, cultivator, and blower.
    • Pairs with both the UMC425 and UMC435 Powerheads: The hedge trimmer attachment connects with either Honda VersAttach powerhead for instant power.
    • SureLoc System: Twist, lock, and go!: The innovative SureLoc™ joint locking system makes it easy to connect attachments with confidence. Just push and click to lock your attachment in place. No tools are required! SureLoc™ takes the guesswork out of knowing if the attachment is properly secured to the powerhead.
    • Handy Attachment Hook for Storage: Every VersAttach attachment comes with a handy hook for easy storage. The cap also prevents dirt and dust from building up in the spline.
    • Use and store in any position: Honda’s unique 360 degree inclinable engine can be used, rotated, and stored in any position.
    • Quick acceleration and excellent torque for demanding jobs: Designed to take on tough jobs without bogging down. Strong low-end torque characteristics allow many jobs to be performed at partial throttle, increasing fuel efficiency.
    • 3 year residential warranty
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 35.2 x 4.9 x 4.9 in.
    • Weight: 4.8 lb. (2.2 kg)
    • Shaft Length: 5.3 in. (135 mm)
    • Cutter Type: Double-sided, Double-recripocating
    • Blade Length: 21.6 in. (550 mm)
    • Articulation Angle Increment: 18 deg.
    • Total Articulation Range: 108 deg. (-54 deg. ~ +54 deg.)
    • Residential Warranty: 36 months
    • Commercial Warranty: 24 months
    Shaft Length5.3 in. (135 mm)
    Weight4.8 lb. (2.2 kg)
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