Honda Goldwing Motorcycles

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What Lies Beyond?

What lies over the horizon? Beyond our town, our state? Beyond the predictable, the expected? And what’s the best way to experience it? We ride motorcycles because they’re such engaging, active, personal vehicles. Travel the same roads in a car and on a bike, eat at the same restaurants, see the same sights, and then tell us which trip is the most memorable. Honda’s 2018 Gold Wing® is an all-new motorcycle this year, designed to put you more in touch with the essential experience of riding. Changing a bike as good and as refined as a Gold Wing isn’t something you undertake lightly. So we set out to improve the newest model in every category: Engineering. Handling. Technology. Comfort. Performance. The new Gold Wing is lighter, more powerful, more nimble, and even more engaging.

Years of adventure

This is a bike 43 years in the making. Rebuilt from the road up. Refined inside and out. Ready for anything. There’s a new engine. New front suspension. Available 7-speed DCT. All in a more agile body that’s over 85 pounds lighter. You’ll also find the latest in technology, including Apple CarPlayTM integration, and five distinct trim levels to suit your style. The 2018 Gold Wing is designed to push the limits of what a touring bike can be. And expand the adventure beyond anything imagined.

Get out there and ride.