Arai Signet-X Goldwing Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


Arai Signet-X Goldwing Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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Arai Signet-X Goldwing Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - Details:

The Variable Access System shield mechanism was developed to enhance the shape of the shell, but the easy to learn changing mechanism is what most people are raving about. Quick, easy and intuitive

In keeping with the improve on what works mentality at Arai, the new QVF & QVR upper ventilation ducts look familiar but offer more adjustment and better flow through performance

The Anti-Microbial liner material on the Signet-X resists the build up of bacteria and as a result allows your helmet to stay fresher, longer, between cleanings

The new Peripherally Belted – Super Complex Laminate Construction shell design combines multiple materials and techniques created internally by Arai that deliver both performance and affordability

The new water repllent ES Chincover comes installed on the Signet-X. Enhancing the Egg Shape of the helmet, the cover smooths airflow, increases exhaust from the mouth area and reduces wind noise coming up from below. Good for both cold and warm weather riding and is easy to remove and reinstall as needed

The Signet-X comes with the VAS-MV (Max Vision) shield that accepts the new VAS-MV Pinlock lens. The new Pinlock-120 lens comes with the helmet in the box and ready to install

The Signet-X has Arais LONG OVAL (LO) interior fit shape.Longer front-to-back and a more narrow side-to-side (as compared to Intermediate Oval)




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