How to Fit Kids for Helmets and Goggles

Close up of youth wearing off-road helmet

No need to guess

We get a lot of parents who want to surprise their kids with an ATV, dirt bike, or electric bike. This is a huge event for most kids. The easy part is the bike, the hard part is figuring out how to size your kids up for the right gear. Guessing a helmet size can be tough. We are here to help with fitting your kid for helmet and goggles. First off, we want to get rid of a common misconception. Helmets should not be sized with the idea of “giving them room to grow.” This common mistake will lead to improper helmet fitment. Which means the helmet will not function properly in the event of an impact.

 Measuring your kids head is the most effective way to get them sized correctly. The best way to measure for a helmet would be to use a soft tape measure and measure all the way around their head from just above the eyebrows to the farthest point on the back of their head. (inches works but centimeters is preferred) This will give us an idea of where to start the fitment process. Once we have a helmet on your child’s head we look to see how it sits on their head. The helmet should sit just above their eyebrows.Their cheeks should be squished some and the helmet should not easily move around their head.

measuring for a helmet

Make the Experience a good one.

A helmet is the most important piece of safety gear you will get for your child. There are a few child specific things to consider when fitting your kid for helmet and goggles. The younger a child is, the more they tend to care about things touching their ears or face. Having them try on a helmet can be a deal breaker.

We have found that making it a family event where everyone is trying on helmets is one method that can help get over some issues. Another one would be having them put on a helmet that is way to big then going down from there so they get used to the concept of how it goes on. This also lessens the impact of putting a helmet that is way to small and getting them almost stuck on their head. This makes for a very counterproductive helmet fitting and zero chance of getting a helmet back on your child’s head. Keeping the experience positive and fun will go a long way to getting them into riding.

Fitting Goggles

After we get them sized properly we then need to figure out eye protection. Protecting your child’s eyes while they are riding is very important. Dirt, bugs, and twigs can turn a great ride into a bad day if they do not wear goggles. Even slow speeds on small dirt bikes and even electric bikes can make enough dust to cause a problem.

When you are fitting goggles it is best if you bring your child’s helmet with you or have one you can wear at the store that is the same. Youth size helmets will fit youth and mini goggles well. Adult helmets can fit youth and adult size goggles.To put goggles on you will want to have the helmet on first then put the goggle part on the child’s face. Then you will put the strap over the helmet to the back. Proper fitting goggles will have a good seal around the child’s face as well as not pushing too hard on the child’s nose. Another nice thing about goggles is that they will make sure the helmet is in the proper place on the child’s head when they are wearing it. Stop by Sprocketz to let one of our Sprocketeers get your kids properly sized up and geared to go.