Why is the R3 so popular?

Racer in blue gear speeding towards camera on R3
The Yamaha R3 (321cc) hit the scene in 2015 and has not looked back since.  It fits extremely well in a market that needed a better entry level sport bike.  With the added ABS optional model in 2017, the bike got even better.  It combines a lightweight and nimble chassis with a powerful parallel twin (42HP).  This has made it the ideal small cc sport bike for new riders, city commuters and track day enthusiasts. That’s right we said track day.  This bike is allowing people to get into track riding to improve their skills at an affordable price ( 2017 MSRP is $4999. $5299 with ABS).  The R3 benefits new riders by giving them a lightweight motorcycle that handles well and inspires confidence when riding.  It also has a more upright seating position that gives you the feeling you are part of the motorcycle not just sitting on top of it. The commuter gets to take advantage of the great gas mileage (56 mpg) and the ease of parking makes it great for getting around town. The R3 styling is sure to catch anyones eye, especially that front end.  The gauge cluster is easy to read with gear indicator, fuel level and all the other necessities one would want while riding.  The R3 engine sounds great and pulls well, even deep into the rev range.  It also feels very engaging while riding the back roads and twisties due to its 6 speed gearbox.  Not all 300cc motorcycles are equal and the Yamaha R3 is definitely at the top. Racer in full blue gear leaning through corner on R3