2018 Yamaha Star Venture Ride and Review

Group of riders cruising through grassy hills on Yamaha Star Venture Motorcycles

Ever since the 2018 Yamaha Star Venture came out I have been hoping for a chance to ride one and put it through its paces.  I found out my Yamaha rep was riding one down to Richmond, VA and I was told I was going to have a chance to ride it. I was very excited to be able to ride this bike for the first time and had very high expectations.  I have ridden other full dressed cruisers from Victory, Indian, and Harley Davidson and could not wait to see how the Venture compared to its American V-Twin competitors.

As I saw the bike pull into the parking lot it looked very different from any other cruiser I have seen on the market.  It looked like a viscous land shark that was ready to eat any pavement you put in front of it. The rumble from the exhaust sounded and felt like a beast waiting to be unleashed.  The 113 on the side of the engine let you know this bike means business. I loved seeing the huge amount of luggage space from the cavernous rear pack to the top loading side bags.  It also has many storage compartments all over the bike.

As soon as I sat on the bike it felt like I was home.  I am a big guy, 6’4’’ 290lbs and I had ample room for my big feet and long legs.  The bike has forward controls and puts you in a very natural seating position ready for long trips.  The dashboard mixes analog gauges with a large modern touch screen display that works with gloves on.  It also has an electric adjustable windscreen and manually adjustable upper and lower fairing vents to control airflow and engine heat over the bike and rider. It also comes with the Yamaha Sure Park system that allows you to move the bike forwards and backwards effortlessly without the engine being on.  The premium sound system is amazing and lets you listen to music even at highway speeds.

As I rode it out of the parking lot I noticed how the 113 cubic inch engine came to life and all that low end torque propelled me forward.  Before I knew it I was going well over the local speed limit and it felt so smooth. As I shifted through the gears I loved how the bike just wanted more and pulled like a beast all the way through the rev range.  I took it over some very bumpy local roads to see how the suspension preformed and I was impressed with how smooth it felt. At this point I took the bike on the highway for a while to see how the Venture felt at high speeds.  As I took the curvy on ramp onto the highway I noticed how balanced the bike felt and decided to see how hard I could take the turn. The Yamaha answered in kind as I accelerated through the long sweeping turn with engine roaring and footboards dragging all the way.  I was able to merge into traffic with ease as I put the windscreen up and engaged the cruise control. I felt like I was in my own world as this monstrous motorcycle ate up the miles.

On my way back to Richmond Honda House I took some curvy back roads to see how well the bike handles in the twisties.  I was very impressed with how nimble the bike felt. It did not feel like I was on a 960 lb motorcycle. I was able to take turns and power out like no other V-Twin I have ridden.  As I pulled back into the dealership I realized my ride with this nimble handling and pavement eating touring beast was over. When I got off this bike I felt like Yamaha hit a home run with the 2018 Star Venture.  It was by far the best V-Twin touring motorcycle I have ever ridden. Stop by Richmond Honda House/Sprocketz today to find out how you can get yours today.