Ultra Exclusive Signed Arai Helmet is Here!

Mister Arai signing Arai Corsair-X RC 2018 Isle of Man Helmet
Ever wonder what it would be like to own a helmet so rare, so unique, so freaking cool that there are only three like it in the world? Yes world not U.S., not Canada, I said in. the. world. Well here’s your chance. Introducing the 2018 IOMTT Signed Arai Corsair-X RC Helmet. What started as casual dinner conversation, quickly evolved into a potential worldwide exclusive and ended with a handshake deal. Sprocketz is honored to be one of only three dealers to take delivery of this specially hand crafted Arai Corsair-X RC ( Racing Carbon) helmet dressed in a bespoke 2018 Isle of Man graphic and personally signed by Mr Arai himself! If you want to sneak a peak at this beauty you better hurry! It goes up for auction July 1st. Come check it out at Richmond Honda House/ Sprocketz.   close-up of Mister Arai's signature on back of Corsair-X RC stock photo of Arai Corsair-X RC 2018 Isle of Man Helmet   collage of signed helmet, helmet bag, and photo frame with three photos of Mister Arai posing with Helmet close up of Isle of Man graphic on Arai Corsair-X RC Helmet