Ultra Exclusive Signed Arai Helmet is Here!

Ever wonder what it would be like to own a helmet so rare, so unique, so freaking cool that there are only three like it in the world? Yes world not U.S., not Canada, I said in. the. world. Well here’s your chance. Introducing the 2018 IOMTT Signed Arai Corsair-X RC Helmet.

What started as casual dinner conversation, quickly evolved into a potential worldwide exclusive and ended with a handshake deal. Sprocketz is honored to be one of only three dealers to take delivery of this specially hand crafted Arai Corsair-X RC ( Racing Carbon) helmet dressed in a bespoke 2018 Isle of Man graphic and personally signed by Mr Arai himself!

If you want to sneak a peak at this beauty you better hurry! It goes up for auction July 1st. Come check it out at Richmond Honda House/ Sprocketz.