Abus: The best motorcycle, bike, scooter, and ATV lock on the market

Stock photo of various Abus locks and chains displayed on wooden board

Abus locks don’t mess around

I often get asked about ways to secure your motorcycle or scooter from being stolen. Not all lock brands are equal and you don’t want to trust security of your motorcycle to just any brand. Abus is the industry leader when it comes to innovation, design and unsurpassed quality. Abus locks are all made in Germany in their own factories. They have a rich history of never compromising to make sure you have a quality product that will perform at its best. They make a wide variety of security options for your ride, your gear and your wallet.

The most popular lock for your motorcycle is a disc lock. Abus has everything from your basic disk lock to a built-in 3D motion detection alarm with a chain. Abus chains are made of hardened steel with a special anti-corrosion coating which makes them ideal for outdoor use. The links are not round like on common chains, but are square-shaped so they are much harder to attack with tools. They also have a nylon sleeve to prevent pait work and chrome from scratches.

Abus also makes great locks for securing your gear to your bike. A retractable cable combo lock that can fit in your pocket to an almost 6 foot long cable that you can loop multiple times. These are great for looping it through your jacket and helmet and keep your gear from walking off.

Abus also makes padlocks, folding metal locks, and even a floor anchor for all your security needs. Stop by Sprocketz today as speak with one of our specialists to find out what Abus lock option is best for you.