Popular Motorcycle Tires for the Street

Close up of motorcycle tire treads lined up at an angle

We sell and install motorcycle tires at Richmond Honda House. And we wanted to let you know about the tires our customers favor the most: including sport, cruiser, and touring tires.

Cruiser Tires

Our most popular cruiser tires are the Dunlop D404 and Dunlop Elite 4. The Dunlop D404 has been around for a very long time. It has proven itself to be the cruiser tire of choice for those looking for a solid tire at a reasonable price. The D404 tread compound gives you a great balance of mileage and grip. They also perform very well in wet conditions. The D404 also has a classic tread pattern that looks great on any cruiser or retro style motorcycle. For those looking for a more performance based cruiser tire look no further than the Dunlop Elite 4. The Elite 4 is a dual compound cruiser tire that has significantly higher mileage than current single compound tires. The Elite 4’s tread pattern allows for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, as well as, reduced road noise.


Sport bike Tires

Next we have our sport bike tires. The Dunlop GPR 300 and the Michelin Pilot Power are the go to for street performance. The GPR 300 is the go to sport tire for small displacement sport bikes. It has great grip in wet and dry conditions. It also has a Joint-less Band rear tire construction for smooth performance and consistent tire patch. They also have an aggressive tread pattern that makes them look great on the bike. For the larger displacement sport bikes we have the Michelin Pilot Power. These tires have been Michelin’s best seller for over 15 years. An amazing single compound tire with only 12% grooved area for amazing road grip. The tires technology is derived from the world of racing. The Pilot Power is also available in a 2CT or dual compound for even softer edges for those pushing the lean angles usually seen on the track.


Sport Touring Tires

The next group of tires are the for the sport touring riders that demand the most out of a touring tire. The king of the road has been the Michelin Road 5. This tire is amazing with the best wet grip on the road. With 2CT and 2CT+ dual compound technology the Road 5 balances great traction and cornering performance with great tire wear you expect from a touring tire. The Michelin Road 5 is also available in a GT model that has special dual angle technology (2AT) for enhanced stability on larger GT bikes like the Yamaha FJR1300.


Stop by Richmond Honda House and Sprocketz today and let us help you find the right tire for your ride. We offer great tire and mounting specials in our service dept when you purchase your tires from us. Our price match guarantee will get you geared to go.