Best Apps for Motorcycle Riders

Close-up of parked motorcycle rider scrolling through phone

Here are some of the best apps for motorcycle riders that myself and people I ride with use. We all find them to be useful for everyday riding and planning longer trips. Some are also great for finding new routes to ride and for finding great people to ride with.

Waze App

The top app on this list is not just used by motorcyclists but everyday drivers as well. Waze is by far my favorite app. With real-time reporting of hazards, emergency vehicles, and traffic notifications, this app will keep you updated and on your way. You can even set it to avoid tolls, freeways, and crazy intersections. This app can also display gas stations and food stops along your route. Waze is also free to use.

Dark Sky App

The next app on my list is Dark Sky. This app is what I use for tracking the weather when I go for a ride or plan a trip. It gives you great information in a visual form that makes it easy to use and understand. It helps you track hourly temps, chance of rain, and even the rate of precipitation per hour. You can also set up notifications to track rain before it starts at your location. The map feature lets you track radar, rain forecast and temperature in real-time wherever you are. There is a free version of this app. The premium version is $2.99. This unlocks more specialized notifications, widgets and other in depth features.

Eat Sleep Ride App

Eat Sleep Ride (ESR) is the next app that everyone should have. This is a social app for riders and much more. It has member written articles, riding routes that you can share. You can also add friends and find other people to ride with. ESR even has a challenge mode to log your riding and see where you rank. I love the routes people come up with and using them to explore places I have not been as well as meet people to ride with.


Next on our list of best apps for motorcycle riders is GasBuddy. This app can help you save a good amount of money for the course of a year. GasBuddy is a free app that helps you find the cheapest gas around you. It can also help you find the best gas stops along your route. It may only be pennies saved at a time but we all know that can really add up over the course of a year. You can also sign up to be able to Pay with the GasBuddy card that is linked to your checking account for added savings and offers a program called GasBack that can help you earn points from everyday shopping at a wide variety of different partner stores. You should definitely check this app out and start saving today.


The next app I recommend is for people who like to camp and ride or like to ride way out there and may want to check out great views from national and state parks. ParkAdvisor lets you see parks in list and map form. It also lets you see amenities available at each park, links to contact info, and even reviews and cost icons. This can help you plan a trip and save big on lodgings. There is a free version and a PRO version. The PRO version is $7.99 that adds additional filters, favorites lists, weather forecasts, and many other display options. The PRO version is definitely worth it if you love to camp and ride.


AUTOsist is an app that lets you keep track of the maintenance of your vehicles. It is a little plain but it does exactly what it is supposed to do. You can log and set service reminders and track fuel records all on one app. This is great for anyone with multiple vehicles to keep track of. It even has an Inspection tracker. I know this comes in handy in Virginia.

These apps will get you started off in the right gear for some great rides and keep you on track with your maintenance and saving money on gas. The best apps for motorcycle riders can always use input. Stop by Richmond Honda House/Sprocketz and let us know what you think of these apps or which ones need to be included.