Best Motorcycles for Beginners

Stylish woman on Rebel 500 turning towards us

New riders always welcome

Here at Richmond Honda House/Sprocketz we love welcoming new riders to the the wonderful world of powersports. One of the most common questions we get asked is what are some great beginner motorcycles that we have so new riders can build confidence and what styles are available. Most of the models mentioned have ABS options or come with ABS.

Sport Bikes

Our most popular style of beginner motorcycles are the sport models. We have the Honda CBR300R and the Yamaha R3. Both of these bikes offer great looks, optional ABS, and amazing value. The Honda CBR300R is a single cylinder 6 speed with classic sport styling. The Yamaha R3 is a parallel twin with 6 speeds, inverted forks, and an amazing digital readout. Both bikes are a great way to get started in the sport category without breaking the bank.


In the cruiser category we have the Honda Rebel 300 and Rebel 500. These two options from Honda allow you to pick what size engine you want but they share the same frame. The 300 is a single cylinder and the 500 is a parallel twin. They also have a very low seat height that makes them great for shorter riders.

Standard Motorcycles

The next category in the beginner motorcycles line-up is the naked/street-fighter look. We have two models to choose from.  The Honda CB300 and the Yamaha MT-03. They both offer an upright riding and minimalistic style. The Honda CB300 has a retro throwback style with some modern lines to make it stand out. The Yamaha MT-03 takes its style cues from its bigger brothers the MT-07 and MT-09. It has a great look with modern styling that makes it seem like it came from the future. The MT-03 also comes with inverted forks for better handling.

Dual Sport

For those riders looking for an entry level dual sport option we have the Honda CRF250L and the Yamaha XT250. Both are fuel injected and ready to handle dirt roads and light trails. The Honda CRF250L is taller and has the modern look of the Honda CRF race bikes. The Yamaha XT250 has a classic look, is air cooled, and has a low seat height for a dual sport bike that can help accommodate shorter riders.


Our last category is the three wheel options from CAN-AM. The Ryker 600 and Ryker 900 allow you to ride with the confidence of three wheels. They have CVT transmissions, so you do not have to worry about shifting or a clutch. The single brake pedal allows for easy stopping. Being on three wheels also means you have greater stability and you never have to put your feet down to hold up the bike. Overall these bikes are a great way to get into riding if you are not sure you want to start on two wheels.
Stop by Richmond Honda House today and find out which bike is right for you. We can also help you pick out what gear goes best with your new ride and get you geared to go.