Spring Motorcycle Service – Getting Ready for the Riding Season

motorcycle spring service checkup

Warmer weather is coming, are you ready to scratch that riding itch you’ve had all winter? Let’s go over some basic spring motorcycle maintenance items before you go on your first ride of the season.

  • Make sure your battery survived the winter storage season. Is it charged up and ready to go? Most riders put their bike battery on a tender for the winter. But if you didn’t, you may find yourself with a bad battery even if your bike starts. It’s a good idea to check your battery with a voltmeter to make sure it’s good to go. Expect to swap out your battery every 2-4 years.
  • Do your tires look good and do they hold air? This is an important check as motorcycle tires are more sensitive to temperature change and long term storage. Look for flat spots, dry rot and check your valves to see if they are brittle or need to be replaced. Lastly make sure your tread looks good and is safe to ride on.
  • The next big item to check is your chain, belt, or shaft of your bike. Make sure your chain has plenty of grease on it and is adjusted properly. Inspect your belt for signs of wear. For the riders with a shaft drive, depending on when you did it last, you will want to make sure you grease the splines and shaft for the season. This usually corresponds with tire changes for most riders with a shaft drive motorcycle.
  • Determine if your brake pads look good and your brakes function properly. Look for any leaks in the brake system. And inspect your fork and rear shock seals for any leaks.
  • Check your oil levels and inspect the bike for any oil leaks. If you didn’t change your oil last season, now is a great time to do so.
  • If you have a water cooled motorcycle, check your coolant level. Top off the coolant reservoir as needed. Consider changing the coolant every two years.
  • One last item to consider during your basic spring motorcycle service is make sure your inspection sticker is up to date. It’s no fun getting a ticket for an expired sticker.

Remember at Honda House we want to help you get out on the road. We carry all the stuff you need to get this done. Not a do-it-yourselfer? No biggie, our service department is happy to take care of this for you. Heck, we’ll even come pick up and deliver your bike if you want. Give us a call now!

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