Can-Am Spyder Event Recap

black and white photo of customer test-riding Can-Am Spyder at event

Richmond Honda House recently held a Can-Am Spyder test ride event.  I had the privilege of meeting all kinds of potential Can-Am Spyder owners.  I was also the ride leader for the event for the customer test rides and, we had one of our local Spyder clubs, the Wolf Spyders, in attendance that brought some great food, good music and would speak about how much they love their Spyders to all the customers that came to the event.

Being able to lead rides all day was a blast.  We had 35 riders come over the two day event that I was able to take out on the road.  Some riders had to stay on the test course in the parking lot since they did not have the proper endorsement on their license, but even they had fun learning about the bike and most set up a time to take the class to get their M3 endorsement.  When you sign up for a Can-Am Spyder event you need to schedule your appointment, watch a quick video, and then the Can-Am Spyder rep will go over the Spyder operation and help people go through the test course to build confidence before going on the open road.  Once everyone picked out the unit they wanted to ride I went over route and some quick safety rules for the ride.

I was able to set up a 30 min ride around some nice back roads in the area that allowed customers to see how they perform and handle on the open road.  Everyone had a great time on the rides.  Nothing but smiling faces and questions about what model they want and how they can get one.  We are looking forward to having more events like this one at Richmond Honda House in the future.  Please keep an eye on our website or give us a call for more information about when the events will be taking place.  You can also come by and see the units in person and if you have the proper endorsement we can set up a test ride for you.  I always look forward to helping people make riding part of their story.