Can-am Spyder RT First Ride

wide elevated shot looking down road twisting through green hills while Can Am Spyder rides by
I was very excited to get an opportunity to ride a 2017 Can-Am Spyder RT.  I put about 50 miles on it with my wife on the back.  The first thing I noticed about the Spyder was that it is very different from what I am used to.  It handles and steers quite differently from a motorcycle, most people will pick this up quickly.  After about 10 miles of getting used to it, I was getting the Spyder to scrub and slide through turns and got to feel how well the stability control helps you keep the bike planted and under control.  It is a very stable motorcycle, I am sure the 3 wheels help, that rewards being relaxed in the seat and light in the hands.  The steering is very precise, thanks to power steering. Turns are smooth and easy. The seating position is very neutral and allows riders to lean a little back or a little forward depending on your preference.  It has the most comfortable seat my wife and I have ever sat on. I can see why people put so many miles on them. You only really have to get off for gas or the occasional pit stop.  The breaking is amazing. A gentle press of the foot brake and you start to slow nicely, you get on the break hard and the ABS takes over and you come to a very fast and controlled stop.  The adjustable windscreen and cruise control let you sit back, take in the scenery, and let the miles go by.  At 41 gallons the storage on this trike is amazing.  So many places to put your gear that you really can take the kitchen sink! The audio system is very nice with dual audio control and speed sensitive volume control that lets you keep listening even at highway speeds.  The semi automatic transmission takes the learning curve out of shifting by making it very easy to up or downshift at a push of a button.  The bike also automatically downshifts when you come to a stop.  I will remind you that this is very different from a motorcycle in operation but once you get a little time in riding one it will become second nature. My wife and I really enjoyed our first ride on the Spyder RT.   Stop by Richmond Honda House and set up a test drive today and see for yourself. two riders checking out the sunset in front of their Can-Am Spyder