Top 5 Places to Ride Your Motorcycle in Virginia

Rider on Yamaha Tenere 700 taking twisty turns through woody road

Constant reminders of winter surround us, as the days crawl ever slowly towards spring. The ground hovering around freezing and more winter weather on the way, one can’t help but think. Yes, flowers will begin to sprout and trees bud, but when? When will the days be just right where we can leave the car or truck for two wheels.

Doesn’t matter what you ride, we all know that feeling when your tires grip the road just right pushing you hard into the saddle launching you upright as you come out of a familiar turn. This is one of the many reasons we all ride.

Virginia with its access to the coastline, Blue Ridge Mountains, and the capital of our nation, gives us so many historical routes to consider while waiting for the weather to turn. Starting off with one of my favorites. The Five and Dime and Jamestown Ferry, take route 5 towards Williamsburg turn right on Surry Road and hop on the ferry. It’s a perfect time to enjoy the spring sun as you are free to walk around for the ten minute ferry trip. Then jump over to route ten which you can turn right to route 156 getting you a great view of the James River and returning you to route 5 or continue on 10 into Hopewell. Its a great ride with some hidden spots along the way for a quick snack or drink. All in all, a great way to start the season.

If you are looking for a weekend get away, jump on Route 13 north toward Chincoteague Island. If you plan your timing right you can see The Pony Swim (July 28th 2021). One of the few wild horse moves in the country, that crosses open water. Tens of thousands attend and though it may not be the switch back ride we will mention in a moment. It is a ride you will not forget.

Colonial Parkway is a great ride as well, from old brick overpasses, to dense Virginia foliage, cutting thru historical Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. This connector of three historical towns is one that will keep the mph down but an absolute must for anyone who enjoys history and great roads with beautiful sights, a route thick with historical markers and places to stop.

The Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s a statement all on its own. If you live in Virginia or have visited and not had the pleasure of riding “America’s Favorite Ride”, it’s time you get that done. Great road and well protected, a guarantee you will add this to your favorites. Scenic mountain views, deep valleys, and tight turns will leave you satisfied and disappointed you didn’t ride this one sooner.

Finally the historical State Route 16 The Back of the Dragon. Known for its views, curves, and elevation change, it’s an absolute dream for anyone who enjoys to ride. When preparing your day, or a few days for this one, enjoy the time it takes to get there. Taking you through Virginia’s scenic routes and byways even the trip “in” is worth the time. You will find all sorts of riders here so stay alert and enjoy. The town of Monterey is motorcycle friendly and offers many great spots to eat and drink, or stay and watch the groups that pass thru. It’s not just a ride its a memory.

With hundreds of options all over this state I hope that neither covid nor an icy winter keeps you from planning a few rides. 2020 was an interesting year for all of us and if it taught me one thing: it’s that moments matter more than ever. So make a few moments this year, hopefully some of them on two wheels.